Real Quick App is Live – Go.GO.Go

Follo the link below to go to the official website now.

Guys, Jeff carter just opened the doors to Real Quick App, you need to hurry and secure your copy because Jeff will increase the to $997 during the next hour or so. I asked him on Skype why is he increasing the price and this is what he told me:

Alex, I want my software to work for all of my students as well as myself so by increasing the price I’ll filter out most of the people from 3rd world countries which from my previous experience he says, abuse the software to spam the web.

Alex also told me that he will even take the offer down at some point latter this week to make sure that the system remains prure.

So Guys you need to Hurry and secure your copy today for only $47 or 1 you’ll have to pay the full price latter on or 2 you could even miss out on this money printing machine.

You have nothing to lose because Real Quick App comes with 60 days money back guarantee so if doesn’t work out for you just ask for your money back and Jeff will refund you within 24 hours.

The top 10 beta testers of Real Quick App are pulling in over 15k a day with this software so Hurry and secure your copy today.

I have bought this product myself and I’m going to publish a review probably first thing tomorrow morning but if you wait for the review you could miss out on the massive discount that jeff is offering right now. It’s your choice make your decision Now or miss out big time.


Real Quick App Review

Guys, if you are searching for the official website just click the link below because this is independent review blog.

As you guys know the internet marketing community has been on fire recently about Real Quick App and if you follow me on twitter you already know that I bought a copy of this product so that I can provide you all with an in-depth review about this product.

It has been about 3 hours since i got access and all i can say so far is that I’m very impressed with the members area  as well as the live support. I download the software and right I’m going through all of the video training that show step by step how to use this beast properly.

As soon as I’m done testing the hell out of this product I’m going to publish my findings and thoughts right here on this page.

In the meantime I suggest that you secure your copy of this products right away because I heard that the price will be raised to $997 during the next couple of hours.

It is in your best intres to secure your copy at this low fee so that you don’t have to pay the full price latter on. You got nothing to loose because Real Quick App comes with 60 days money back guarantee so if it dosen’t work our for you just ask for your money back within 60 days and you’ll be refunded within 48  hours max.

The reason they are increasing the price is because they don’t want everybody to get access to this software, the idea is not to saturate the market so that’s why this is selling at this low price only for the next copule of hours. If you miss this time frame and buy latter on you’ll probably have to pay the full price.

Bookmark this page and check back for the full review.




Real Quick App – Official Website & Q&A

Folks, I have been getting a lot of request from people asking me many questions about this Jeff’s Real Quick App program so I’ve decided to create this article to answer some of the most common asked questions once and for all.

Q: How can I get to the Official Real Quick App website?

A: All of you that  have been Googling to find the official website but for some reason you can’t find it because the search results are  filled with review websites  just click the link below and you’ll be taken to the official Real Quick App website it’s that easy.

Q: I bought Real Quick App from another Website but I came across  your Mega Bonus pack is there a way to gett access without re-buying  the product?

A: The only way to get access to my Mega Real Quick App Bonus Pack is to follow the instructions on my bonus page and purchase the RQA  program by clicking  the order button at the end of the bonus page.  Click here to see my bonus page.

Q: I bought the RQA program and all the upgrades and I’m totally impressed, my question is  can I give my login details to my best friend so that he too can benefit from this amazing program.

A: I’m not the owner of RQA and you need to send this question to Jeff, you can get in touch with Jeff by clicking on the 24/7 support tab inside your members are. As far as i know you can’t do that but you need confirm with Jeff  if you can or can’t.

Q: I don’t have money in my credit cart right know, is it possible for me to buy the system after one week. I heard that you are increasing the price.

A: Again people confuse my site with the official website when in fact  I’m just an independent  review blog as well as a member of RQA just like everybody else.  To all the people that asked me similar  question, I heard that Jeff will raise the price from $47 to $997 in next day or 2 maybe even the next couple of hours because he said in the live webinar that he doesn’t want  3d world countries to get access to his software because from previos bad experience that he had  with people from this countries.

One guy from india who used Jeff’s software as a beta tester…used it at maximum potential extracted from the internet over 2 million dollars in les than 4 days in fact Jeff dosen’t recommend this because he wants everybody to make money with this tool. Anybody who is caught abusing will be band forever.

Q:Dose this software really work it sounds to good to be true! Also can i get a refund if it dosen’t work from me?

A: Yes the software works in fact the top 10 members of Real Quick App are pulling in between  8k to 14k a day. Yes if the product comes with 60 days money back so if it dosen’t work out for you just ask for your money back and you’ll be refunded within 24 hours.

So guys and gals this were some of the most common questions i keep getting hopefully  your question was answered if not don’t hesitate to contact me or Jeff.




Real Quick App – Launching on May 21st

Real Quick App is set to launch on May 21st 2013, from what I know so far this tool is designed to produce applications for the IOS and Android marketplaces. The software is very easy to use and can produce a cash generating application just by pushing a couple of buttons.

The product is from an underground internet market that has made millions selling apps for mobile phones, and tablets. About 50 people have access to Real Quick App so far and they are the beta testers. The top 10 Beta Testers are pulling in over 12k a day by producing and selling apps.

I’m very exited about this program because a friend of mine is one of the Beta Testers and he is actually making over 5k a day from a couple of apps that he has produced.

As soon as this product goes live, I’ll buy it and provide you all with a detailed review so that you guys can see upfront if this is actually a good program that you might invest your time and money.

So if you are interested in Real Quick App, I suggest that you bookmark this page or even better subscribe so that you can be notified right away when i publish more information about this product.

To your success,